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12 Essential Accessories For A Yoga Retreat At Home

In this article: Discover what you need for the perfect yoga retreat at home!

A home yoga retreat can provide nearly as many benefits as a destination retreat.

In fact, creating your own yoga retreat at home is easier than you think, and you can practice yoga and meditation from the comfort of your living room.

On top of that, it’s a great way to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Before you set up your at-home yoga retreat, you need to make sure you have everything you need for an optimal experience.

Below, you’ll find a list of 12 essential accessories for a successful personal retreat.

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1. Candles

It’s important to create a relaxing atmosphere when you set up your room for a yoga retreat at home, and putting candles is a great way to spread a nice smell around.

If you choose scented candles, you should consider both lavender and lemon scents.

They can greatly boost your level of relaxation while meditating. You simply have to light the candle to let the aroma spread in the room.

This will alleviate anxiety, enhance positivity and restore balance in your world.

We like to use these Yinuo candles as they are made of natural soy wax and pure-grade natural essential oils.

Moreover, the jars are beautifully made and match really well with a boho home decor.

2. Incense

Just like diffusing essential oils, burning incense has many benefits. In fact, incense is widely used for meditation, especially sandalwood and lotus aromas.

They transport you to the place you need to be, without taking over your thoughts.

We always have incense at home and really enjoy the different aromas.

It also helps focus the mind and ready the body by creating the right aromatic atmosphere during yoga practice.

Burning incense during your at-home retreat will increase your focus, stimulate your creativity and just help you be more mindful.

This is definitely a must-have item for your experience

3. Yoga blocks

You can use yoga blocks as an extension of your arms when you are practicing yoga poses.

You can also use them to support your back, head, and hips.

If you are doing your own yoga retreat at home you only need two yoga blocks. Using them will shorten the distance between you and the floor.

Therefore it makes your practice easier and your poses more achievable.

These Gaiam lightweight yoga blocks are made of durable foam with a nonslip surface.

4. Blanket

It’s always good to have a blanket with you when you practice yoga.

If you lack mobility, you can use a yoga blanket to support your back and improve your range of motion.

Also, you can use it for meditation. You can put the blanket on your body during lying down meditation.

It will keep you warm which is important when you want to deeply focus.

This yoga blanket is a traditional hand-made Mexican Falsa blanket and is woven from a blend of soft environmentally friendly recycled fibers.

5. Yoga mat

The first item you need, when you want to practice yoga, is a yoga mat. And it’s important to have a good quality mat to enjoy your yoga sessions at home.

Every yogi knows how important it is to have a yoga mat that is light, easy to clean, has the right thickness, and made with high-quality material.

The most important is that it should be nonslip to avoid slipping during poses.

Having a really good yoga mat such as the Dralegend Yoga Mat will completely change your sessions.

It’s exactly what you need during your yoga retreat at home to ensure the best experience.


6. Sleep sound machine

Having your own yoga retreat at home gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and get some well-deserved sleep.

To help you, we recommend using a sleep sound machine.

This is the kind of machine that provides soothing and peaceful noises such as ocean waves, birds, cricket, or stream sounds.

It helps block out other noises, relieves anxiety, and sleep better. We love using this machine when we meditate! It really helps to focus and be present.

Alternatively, you can simply use it before going to bed.

Especially if you have trouble sleeping, it might really help you relax and fall asleep faster.

7. Essential oils

Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy and can be very beneficial for your stay-at-home retreat. You could diffuse them during your yoga or meditation session for example.

We like to diffuse sandalwood oil during our yoga sessions as is it often used to calm nerves and help with focus.

When meditating you could diffuse lavender or chamomile oils to relieve stress.

We recommend using organic oils for the ultimate feeling of wellness! If you’re new to essential oils, don’t forget to also get a diffuser.

8. Yoga strap

You can use a yoga strap to improve your posture, increase movement, and extend stretches.

It’s a great accessory for all yoga lovers. You could use it for any of your yoga routines to stretch with greater control.

On top of that, you’ll have greater flexibility, an improved range of motion, and a reduced risk of injury.

If you’re serious about having your own at-home retreat for a few days, we definitely recommend using a yoga strap to improve all of your yoga sessions.

9. Yoga books

Reading is a great way to relax and escape from your routine. In fact, there are several books you could read during your at-home retreat.

Whether you want to read books about self-help, mindfulness, or yoga, make sure you choose a book that will help you grow during this experience.

For beginners, we recommend reading The Yoga Bible.

It’s a small book with detailed instructions on how to execute yoga asanas. It also explains what is yoga, its benefits, and gives you many other great tips on yoga.

You could also read one of the inspiring books we recommend for yoga retreats.

10. Journal

Journal writing allows you to write down your experiences and thoughts and use them to identify your future goals and aims.

You can do this every day, but If you’ve never tried, an in-home retreat might provide the perfect opportunity!

Writing down even everyday experiences helps in identifying various mistakes that have been made or decisions that have proven to be unfruitful.

It’s a process that can help you grow as a person, and understand yourself better.

If you’re unsure how to start, you could get a journal like Present Not Perfect. It’s a beautiful guided journal that will help you slow down and enjoy life.

Alternatively, you could get a notebook and simply write your thoughts and answer some of the journal prompts we recommend in our free at-home yoga retreat program.

11. Meditation cushion

If you practice sitting meditation, it’s important to keep your spine healthy and neutral during all your sessions.

For this reason, we recommend getting a meditation cushion, also called a Zafu.

A Zafu is a meditation cushion that will help you relax and transform your practice into a ritual that you’ll crave.

It’s definitely one of the most essential accessories to have when you plan your yoga retreat at home.

This Ajna Zafu is made with eco-friendly material and is filled with 100% organic buckwheat and lavender.

12. Crystals

Crystals and gemstones are said to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It’s a good idea to have some in your yoga and meditation space for example.

If you don’t want to use them for healing, just having them as home decor will put you in the mood for your yoga or meditation session!

You can also use crystals for meditation. They can be used to cleanse and open the chakras or simply to set intentions.

Whatever you want to do with them, working with crystals can be a life-changing experience.

If you’re a newbie, we recommend getting a chakra set so you can have the widest range of experiences.

Alternatively, you could get some crystals, and use them during meditation or throughout the day to remind yourself of your intention.

I talk about this a lot on my other website about crystals.

Bottom line

We hope this post inspired you to set up your own yoga retreat at home.

If you do, consider getting these essential accessories for an ultimate retreat experience.

You should definitely get a good yoga mat, a strap, and a nice meditation cushion. You can also arrange your space with some candles and crystals to make the atmosphere more magical.

All these accessories will definitely improve your experience and make it more meaningful.

What essentials do you use when you set up your own yoga retreat at home? Let us know in the comments below!

If you are looking for more information on setting up a yoga retreat at home, check out this post we wrote.

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