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6 Fantastic States To Go On A Yoga Retreat In The USA

6 Fantastic States To Go On A Yoga Retreat In The USA

In this article: Discover the best states to go on a yoga retreat in the USA!

With so much to see in this vast country, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to planning a yoga vacation in the United States.

Whether you’re looking to use your time off to work on your health and wellbeing, or looking to deepen your yoga practice, you’ll find a yoga retreat for you in the USA.

There is an array of yoga retreats across the country, and they are usually located in the most beautiful places.

From incredible national parks to stunning beaches, the best yoga retreats also combine a wide range of mindfulness activities. 

Some of the best yoga retreats in the USA are in Hawaii, California, and Florida. But if you’re looking for more options, read on to find out the best states to go on a yoga retreat in the USA.

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1. California

Most people who visit California think Hollywood, but in fact, California has it all. There are sunny beaches, rugged mountains, lush forests, and beautiful lakes.

The state is as diverse in terms of culture as it is in its landscape.

There are many reasons why we chose California as one of the best states to go on a yoga retreat in the USA.

It is sunny, home to stunning national parks, and incredible beaches.

If you want to have access to experienced teachers while enjoying some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, you should definitely consider a yoga retreat in California.

Many retreats in California are held in the Yosemite Valley.

Here, you’ll get to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming in water holes, and discovering some of the most beautiful waterfalls the state has to offer.

At a yoga retreat in California, you can expect to clear your mind, detox, and reconnect with yourself.

Plus, there will be plenty of spare time for you to deepen your spiritual practice. This amazing experience will definitely help you live a more peaceful and balanced life.

The Golden State is certainly not short of memorable experiences, and going on a yoga retreat is one of them.

After a few days on a Californian retreat, you’ll feel refreshed and inspired. 

If you want to get more information about the yoga retreats in California, check out our blog post 10 Beautiful Yoga Retreats In California.

Best yoga retreats in California:

yoga beach usa california

2. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful islands on earth. It is famous for its white-sand beaches, huge waves for surfing, and incredible waterfalls.

This incredible archipelago is as diverse as it is beautiful.

On the Hawaiian islands, you can disconnect from the business of life and reconnect with nature and your true self.

A yoga retreat in Hawaii is a fantastic opportunity to learn about spirituality, as well as participate in sacred ceremonies, and discover authentic Hawaiian chanting.

Are you seeking out that island vibe? Then, a yoga retreat in Hawaii might be just what you need. You can easily spend a week or two on a retreat there.

You’ll practice yoga and meditation every day surrounded by the beauty of nature and stunning volcanoes.

There are many different types of yoga retreats in Hawaii. Whether you want to enjoy spa treatments, traditional Hawaiian ceremonies, or surfing classes, there’s something for everyone in this state.

On top of that, you’ll have a lot of free time to discover the beauty of the islands.

Diving, snorkeling, and hiking are by far the best activities we suggest you try.

Best yoga retreats in Hawaii:

Hawaii landscape - USA

3. Florida

With beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife, and incredible subtropical wilderness, it’s no wonder Florida is an extremely popular tourist destination.

Florida is also home to an abundance of attractions such as museums, theme parks, aquariums, and zoos.

It is the perfect family destination, but it is also a great place to go on a yoga retreat in the USA.

Yoga retreats in Florida usually take place in beautiful houses near the beach. One thing they all have in common is that they offer a wide range of mindfulness activities.

On top of practicing yoga, you could have the opportunity to try meditation, discover the benefits of Ayurveda, and even enjoy spa treatments.

Depending on the yoga retreat you’ll choose, you could enjoy extra activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, or soaking in a hot tub.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to recharge your mind, body, and spirit, you should definitely consider a yoga retreat in the Sunshine State.

If you are considering yoga teacher training, you should definitely check out the state of Florida.

We found that this state offers plenty of options for 200-hours and 300-hours yoga teacher training programs. 

Best yoga retreats in Florida:

Yoga in Florida - USA beach and sun

4. New York

When somebody says the words “New York” we instantly think about skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty and yellow cabs.

But, there’s so much more to New York State than New York City. 

In fact, the state of New York is full of natural beauty and is one of the best states to recharge and find your inner self.

With canyons, lakes, waterfalls, and mountains, New York offers some of the United States’ most beautiful scenery. 

Between the Niagara Falls and the Adirondack Mountains, there is no lack of natural wonders to explore.

Actually, New York provides the perfect terrain for yoga retreats because you can choose to rejuvenate at the beach, or in the mountains without ever being too far from the city. 

In New York, you’ll find plenty of getaway yoga retreats. They usually last 3-4 days. They are perfect for individuals who want to take a break from their busy city lives. 

Whether you want to enjoy the beach in Southampton, connect with nature in the Catskills, or simply meet new friends, there are plenty of retreats to choose from in the state of New York.

Many of them are a short drive away from Manhattan, so you can escape the busy streets of NYC for a relaxing weekend. 

Best yoga retreats in New York:

5. Montana

Often referred to as “Big Sky Country,” Montana is spread across over 147,000 miles but is one of the least populated states in the USA.

It’s an ideal destination for travelers looking for untouched national parks, and to get away from the crowds. 

With wide open spaces and wonderful national parks, Montana is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

In fact, the famous Yellowstone and Glacier national parks attract thousands of visitors from all over the world each year.

Montana is also a dream destination for bird watchers and wildlife lovers. 

A yoga retreat in Montana is all about the outdoors. Nature and fresh air will definitely help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

On top of that, you’ll most probably be staying in a beautiful ranch surrounded by thousands of acres of forest. 

Yoga retreats in Montana are set in some of the prettiest landscapes you’ll ever see.

If you’re looking for soft mountain breezes, sparkling lakes, the healing scent of pines, and star-studded night skies, then you should definitely choose Montana as your next retreat destination.

From the heart of the Rockies to the stunning vistas of Glacier National Park, you will surely find a retreat for you in Montana.

Best yoga retreats in Montana:

Yoga girl in USA near mountains

6. Colorado

With its dramatic landscape and stunning natural beauty, Colorado is the perfect year-round destination.

Between the high desert of the Colorado plateau and the majestic Rocky Mountains, this state is nothing less than breathtaking. 

Even major cities such as Denver are surrounded by geothermal hot springs, beautiful canyons, and mountain peaks.

Colorado is the perfect state to soak up the tranquility, enjoy the mountain vibe and scenic drives through stunning national parks. 

At a yoga retreat in Colorado, you can expect to step away from your daily routine to reconnect with yourself and nature.

The beautiful scenery will help you rediscover a sense of well being. Plus, with the daily yoga and mindfulness activities, you’ll get to unwind and truly relax.

If you feel the call to dive deeper into your yoga and wellness journey, a yoga retreat in Colorado is just what you need.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to go on nature excursions to incredible sites. 

Believe it or not, in Colorado, you’ll even find cannabis yoga retreats for couples.

So, if you want to spend a relaxing weekend with a pot-friendly crowd, you should definitely consider this yoga retreat in the USA.

Best yoga retreats in Colorado:

Yoga mountains USA Colorado

Bottom line

The United States has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The six states we recommend for your next yoga retreat are exceptional for many reasons.

They have stunning national parks and are home to beautiful beaches and rugged mountains.

If you choose to go on a yoga retreat in one of these states, you’ll get the chance to practice yoga and meditation in the famous Yosemite National Park, near a volcano in Hawaii, or on a white-sand beach in Florida. 

We know that choosing between these six states is not easy. That’s why we suggest you compare what would be best for you.

Once you’ve booked a yoga retreat, check out our yoga retreat packing list and you’ll be ready to go.

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat in the USA? Let us know in the comments below!

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