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10 Of The Best Yoga Retreats In Greece (2023)

10 Of The Best Yoga Retreats In Greece (2023)

In this article: Discover the best yoga retreats in Greece this year!

With amazing Mediterranean food, shimmering blue seas, and stunning beaches, Greece is the ultimate yoga destination in Europe.

Whether you’re looking for a week of rest and relaxation, or a yoga trip to deepen your practice, a yoga retreat in Greece might be just what you need.

In fact, there is a plethora of yoga retreats available in Greece, and it can be hard to choose which one is best.

Yet, reaping the benefits of yoga while enjoying the beauty of the country is one of the best ways to unwind.

To help you find the best yoga holiday, we selected 10 of the best yoga retreats in Greece in 2023.

But first, we’ll give you some tips on yoga retreats in this beautiful country.

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When is the best time to go on a yoga retreat in Greece?

Greece has the perfect Mediterranean weather, with winter temperatures averaging 57°F (14°c) and summer temperatures reaching 86°F (30°c). 

In winter, the weather is cool and humid which isn’t really the best when you want to go on a yoga retreat.

However, from spring to fall, the weather is warmer and ideal for a yoga holiday in Greece. 

The best time to go on a yoga retreat in Greece is between April and November. In fact, the best months are May and October, right before and after the high season.

In May and October, there are fewer tourists and the weather isn’t too hot, but still pretty good.

On top of that, these two months offer cheaper options for yoga retreats as they are in the shoulder season.

If you don’t mind the crowds, you should definitely consider going to Greece in July and August. At this time of the year, the temperatures are at their peak.

And when you think about it, a little dive into a 77°F (25°c) water can make a big difference to your experience.

Don’t forget to check out our ultimate yoga retreat packing list before you go.

Yoga retreat and poses in Greece

What is the average price of a yoga retreat in Greece?

The price of a yoga retreat in Greece depends on the luxury, the location, what’s included, and the length of your stay. So, needless to say, prices can vary a lot. 

But, to give you an idea, we calculated the average price of a retreat in Greece using the 10 retreats we selected for this post.

We found that for an 8 days yoga retreat in Greece in a private single room, the average price is $893 USD.

Obviously, some retreats will be cheaper, and others will be more expensive.

Now the question is, what do I get for this price? So, here is a non-exhaustive list of what is usually included in yoga retreats:

  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Accommodation
  • Yoga instructor fees
  • Yoga mats and props
  • Water, coffee, and juice

Extras that are sometimes included:

  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Meals and drinks
  • Extra activities

The following are (usually) never included:

  • Flight tickets
  • Personal expenses
  • Optional activities

Please, note that you should always check what’s included and what’s not when you are looking at a particular yoga retreat.

Santorini - Yoga retreat in Greece

Best places to go on a yoga retreat in Greece

To be honest, you can probably find yoga retreats all over the country, but some locations are definitely better than others.

Many beautiful yoga retreats in Greece are located in the Cyclades Islands, Crete, and the Aegean Islands. But, here are 4 iconic spots we highly recommend for a yoga retreat in Greece:


Famous for its white houses and black sand beaches, Santorini is an ideal destination to go on a yoga retreat.

This island is by far one of the most popular in Greece.

If you want to go on a yoga holiday in Santorini, we highly recommend you go during the low season.

Indeed, the island gets incredibly crowded during peak season and everything is more expensive in summer.

Click here to find yoga retreats in Santorini


Kos is also a popular island of the Cyclades but it is definitely not as popular as Santorini. You’ll find that Kos has a relaxed atmosphere and a lot to offer.

With a beautiful coastline made up of white sand, Kos is an ideal destination for a yoga retreat. On top of that, Kos is rich in history.

Going on a yoga retreat there will give you the opportunity to learn more about Greek culture.

Even better, Kos is so close to Turkey that you can actually take a boat and enjoy a day trip to Turkey.

Click here to find yoga retreats in Kos


Crete, Greece’s largest island, is another wonderful place for a yoga holiday in Greece.

With many archeological sites, secluded bays, and deep valleys, Crete is a top destination for European holiday-goers. 

Alongside the amazing coastline of Crete, you will find many incredible yoga retreats.

Spending your days practicing yoga and meditation on a long white sandy beach is something you can expect to do at a yoga retreat in Crete.

In your free time, you could go for an afternoon dive or discover the island with a rental car.

Click here to find yoga retreats in Crete


Symi is definitely lesser-known but is no less incredible. This island is located south of Kos and is even closer to Turkey than Kos!

In fact, one of the best retreats offered in Symi is a sailing retreat that also goes to Turkey. 

Symi is a tranquil and charming island. It’s the perfect getaway for those in search of authentic holidays. 

If you are looking for a spot where you can experience a yoga retreat in Greece among the locals, you should definitely consider going to Symi.

Click here to find yoga retreats in Symi

10 of the best yoga retreats in Greece

We chose the 10 yoga retreats in this post according to our own experience, customer reviews, and value for money. Below, you’ll find 10 of the best yoga retreats in Greece in 2023. 

1. 8 Days Pilates and Yoga Holiday in Santorini, Greece – Sky Pilates And Yoga

sky pilates and yoga retreat greece

Credit: Sky Pilates And Yoga Retreat

Located in Santorini, one of the world’s most beautiful islands, this yoga and pilates retreat is one of the best in Greece. This retreat focuses on regaining that passion within yourself. 

Highlights of the retreat include daily yoga and pilates classes, excursions to different parts of the island, and seven nights of luxury accommodation.

Your program also includes daily meditation classes to teach you mindfulness.

The retreat takes place in the Pelagos Hotel in Oia. Here, you’ll stay in a single or double room equipped with a bathroom and kitchenette.

This boutique hotel is the perfect setting for a relaxing yoga and pilates holiday.


2. 8 Days Wellness, Hiking and Yoga Holiday on Kos, Greece – Yoga On Kos

yoga on kos retreat greece

Credit: Yoga On Kos

This 8 days wellness, hiking, and yoga holiday in Kos is one of our favorite retreats in Greece. With so many different activities, the program of this retreat is tailored for you to relax your body and mind.

Your program includes daily yoga and meditation sessions, beautiful hikes, and even a trip to the thermal baths.

This retreat teaches many different styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. In your free time, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Kos and swim in the sea. 

As for food, you’ll be served greek style breakfast prepared with fresh and local products. In the evening, meals are vegetarian and vegan.

This unique retreat is perfect for those looking for a beautiful and relaxing experience in Greece.


3. 8 Days Meditation and Zen Yoga Retreat in Zakynthos, Greece – Out To Explore

out to explore retreat greece

Credit: Out To Explore

If it’s time for you to take a break from the daily stress of life, head to this affordable 8 days meditation and zen yoga retreat in Zakynthos. The program will teach you ways to reduce stress through simple practices. 

During your stay, you’ll enjoy daily yoga and meditation sessions, personal guidance and free time to explore the surroundings. The goal of this retreat is to reconnect and find the balance you need to be happy. 

As for accommodation, you’ll stay in a beautiful villa set in an olive grove. The villa is divided into four studios, so you’ll have your own privacy. This retreat provides self-catering accommodations, so you’ll have to cook your own meals.


4. 8 Unique Days of Sailing and Yoga in the Cyclades, Greece – Alt Travel LTD

alt travel ltd yoga retreat greece

Credit: Alt Travel LTD

Are you looking for the most unique yoga retreat in Greece? Look no further! This amazing experience is a sailing trip around the Cyclades with daily yoga classes on the islands. 

If you love spending time at sea and practicing yoga in beautiful places, you’ll love this retreat. You’ll get to visit 3 or 4 Cyclades Islands and have access to a professional yoga teacher on board. 

This retreat is held in small groups of 4 to 8 people, which is perfect to deepen your yoga practice.

You’ll be taught Hatha, Dynamic, and Integral yoga.

As for food, breakfast and light lunches are included on this trip. In the evening, you can have dinner at the local tavernas on the islands.


5. 7-Day Holistic Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Samothraki Island – Adventure Of Yoga With Ritu

Credit: Adventure Of Yoga With Ritu

Taking place on the beautiful Samothraki Island, this retreat offers the opportunity to deepen your understanding of yoga and pranayama.

This beautiful one-week retreat is the perfect place if you want to relax, unwind and enjoy beautiful Greece in good company.

Highlights of this retreat include daily yoga practice, meditation sessions, free time for exploration, and breakfast.

This 7 days retreat will teach you to become more conscious and will allow you to enjoy the present moment.

As for accommodation, you can choose to stay in a single or double room depending on your budget.

One of the best things about this retreat is that it is available all year and it is also suitable for beginners.

If you want to spend a beautiful summer week on Samothraki island to relax and meditate, you should definitely consider this retreat.


6. 6-Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Samothraki – Adventure Of Yoga With Ritu

Credit: Adventure Of Yoga With Ritu

Next on our list of the best yoga retreats in Greece is this beautiful and affordable holiday organized by Adventure of Yoga With Ritu.

It offers the perfect opportunity to unplug and enjoy the present moment. 

If you want to deepen your yoga practice, meet like-minded people and enjoy some sightseeing in Greece, then this yoga retreat is for you.

This retreat is perfect for all skill levels and teaches many different yoga styles, including Bhakti and Raja yoga.

Your program includes yoga and meditation classes, breathing exercises, and plenty of free time for your to explore Samothraki.

On top of that, you’ll get to stay in a beautiful hotel overlooking the Thracian sea. Overall, we found that this retreat is great value for money in Greece.


7. 7 Days Boutique Yoga and Restore Therapy Retreat in Attica, Greece – Yoga Skyros Academy

yoga Skyros academy

Credit: Yoga Skyros Academy

Offering a unique retreat concept, Yoga Skyros Academy is one of the most popular yoga retreats in Greece.

If you want to immerse yourself in a unique restorative program to recharge your body and mind, this yoga retreat is just what you need.

Highlights of this retreat include an assessment of your needs, daily yoga therapy sessions, meditation classes, kinesiology treatments, and nutrition tips.

This retreat is perfect for those who truly want to change their habits, reset and restore.

This retreat program is designed to help you improve your posture, connect your body and mind and remove energy blockages.

It’s a unique retreat that provides more than just yoga. In fact, the additional treatments available provide real solutions to your problems. 


8. 8 Days Yoga Holiday in Corfu, Greece – Just Relax Yoga Holidays

just relax yoga holidays

Credit: Just Relax Yoga Holidays

Corfu is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and the perfect place for a yoga retreat.

At Just Relax Yoga Holidays, the experienced yoga teacher will challenge your body and mind, and help you enhance your overall wellbeing through the daily practice of yoga. 

If you decide to take a break at this retreat, you can expect to reconnect your senses and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Highlights of your program include two yoga practices daily, a welcome massage session, and opportunities for exploration.

This retreat caters to all levels and teaches mostly Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga.

During this retreat, you’ll be staying in a Corfiot villa with a beautiful garden. You can choose to stay in a shared or private room.

As for food, daily breakfast, one Greek lunch, and five vegetarian dinners are included in the cost of the retreat.


9. 8 Days Yoga Holiday and Writer’s Retreat in Greece – Limnisa Greece

limnisa writing retreat

Credit: Limnisa Greece

Are you a writer in need of inspiration? Limnisa offers writing retreats designed to help you find quiet times to be mindful.

At Limnisa, you can focus on your writing, be creative and work away on your projects. 

Highlights of this unique retreat include daily morning yoga, silent mornings, and evening events to read your work.

This amazing writer’s retreat is perfect for writers who need inspiration, and who’d like to meet like-minded people.

This retreat has all meals included and provides vegetarian food. As for accommodation, you’ll be staying in a beautiful house on the edge of an empty cove.

This beautiful place is a great spot for a relaxing and inspiring holiday.


10. 8-Day Hatha Yoga Holiday with Oona on the Beautiful Greek Island Paros – Yoga Holidays & Retreats

Credit: Yoga Holidays & Retreats

Who doesn’t dream of practicing yoga and meditation on a Greek Island? At this 8-day Hatha yoga retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to find your focus and relax in wonderful natural surroundings.

If you want to nourish your soul and enjoy an enriching spiritual and holistic experience, then this retreat might be just what you need.

This retreat includes daily yoga classes with highly qualified instructors and plenty of free time to relax and explore the island.

Here, you’ll learn to listen to the needs of your body and mind, and experience a personal transformation with the help of your teachers.

This retreat is perfect for you if you want to increase your flexibility, revitalize your entire being and enjoy a full week of relaxation in Greece.


Bottom line

Is it time for you to go on a yoga retreat? Greece is definitely one of the best European destinations for a yoga retreat.

With beautiful beaches, amazing Mediterranean food, and picturesque villages, Greece offers the best setting for a relaxing holiday.

Whether you want to deepen your yoga practice or simply unwind in a quiet place, you’ll definitely find the right yoga retreat for you in Greece.

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat in Greece? Let us know in the comments below!

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