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10 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Peru (2023)

10 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Peru (2023)

In this article: Discover the best yoga retreats in Peru in 2023!

Peru is a colorful destination with a diverse culture, history, and gastronomy.

Whether you want to visit the Andes or stay on the coast, this country offers many fantastic yoga holidays nationwide.

So, if you’re looking for the most marvelous and transformative yoga retreats in Peru, below you’ll find some of the best options to consider for your next getaway.

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Quick Overview

Below, you’ll find the 10 best yoga retreats in Peru offered this year:

Keep reading for more details about the programs, classes, and availability!

Why choose Peru for your next yoga retreat

Peru is a beautiful country that is rich in biodiversity, natural beauty, and culture. It’s also a fantastic place where traditions and modernity coexist harmoniously. And lucky for us, there is no lack of wonderful yoga retreats in this country. Here are more good reasons to choose Peru as your next yoga destination:

Ancient ruins and culture

Peru is home to a wide selection of ancient ruins that are easily accessible to all travelers. 

Perched in the Peruvian Andes, the majestic Machu Picchu is by far the best-known ancient site in Peru. Known as the lost city of the Incas, these impressive ruins are best experienced when hiking the Inca trail. 

In the Sacred Valley, you’ll find the remarkable Pisac Ruins which are amongst Peru’s most intact ancient sites. The views of the surrounding countryside are spectacular as well.  

If you want to learn more about Peru and its fascinating culture, I recommend choosing a retreat that includes cultural excursions.

Handicrafts and textiles

Peruvian craftwork is probably amongst the most original and varied arts and crafts found around the world. 

Along with ceramics, textiles are undoubtedly the most renowned products you’ll find in Peru. You have probably already seen those brightly colored geometric designs weaved into carpets, scarves, and ponchos. 

Peruvian handicraft products definitely highlight the richness of their culture. There is no doubt you will find unique travel souvenirs in this country.  

Natural diversity

When it comes to natural biodiversity, Peru literally has it all. Whether you want to slide down sand dunes in the desert, hike in the Andean mountains or chill at the beach, Peru is the right destination for you.  

Peru is also home to some of the most unique sites you’ll ever see including the mystic Nazca Lines, famous geoglyphs etched into the desert sand. 

East of the Andes, a tour of the Peruvian Amazonia will take you deep into the jungle where you can see the many different animals that live there – birds, reptiles, fish… you name it!

10 amazing yoga retreats in Peru in 2023

Now that we know that Peru is a fantastic destination for a spiritual holiday, let’s have a look at the best yoga retreats in Peru in 2023.

1. 7-Day Ayahuasca, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat in the Amazon Rainforest, Iquitos, Loreto – Naturalia Retreat Center

Credit: Naturalia Retreat Center

This beautiful retreat organized by Naturalia Retreat Center is one of the most popular holidays offered in Peru. 

The program of this holiday includes daily yoga classes, jungle walks, and meditation sessions. 

Upon arrival, you’ll have the opportunity to have a consultation with a shaman. The experienced staff will guide you through your own personal process during this transformative holiday. 

As for accommodation, you’ll be staying in a wooden bungalow among trees where you’ll have your own privacy.

Your program also includes three daily meals and unlimited fruits during your stay. 

If you’re looking for a rejuvenating retreat in Peru, this experience is perfect for you!


2. 6-Day San Pedro Cactus and Inca Shamanism at Sacred Inca Portals in Cusco – Entheogens Peru Soul Sanctuary

Credit: Entheogens Peru Soul Sanctuary

Are you looking for a spiritual yoga holiday in Peru? then, head to Entheogens Peru Soul Sanctuary for a wonderful wellness experience.

It’s the perfect place for those who want to try a life-changing retreat full of magic. 

Highlights of this retreat include yoga and meditation sessions, spiritual guidance, and ancient pilgrimages. Your program also offers visits to sacred Inca places.

On this retreat, you’ll follow the steps that the ancient Incas took and you will learn about traditional medicines. This is a great experience that will open your mind to new perspectives and get you out of your comfort zone. 

Shanti Yoga Ashram is located at the base of the Pitusiray mountain, about one hour away from Cusco. It provides a cozy environment for spiritual practice.

If you’re looking for an authentic spiritual experience in Peru, you should definitely check out this retreat. 


3. 4-Day Meditation, Hiking Tour, and Yoga Retreat in Machu Picchu, Cusco – Sacred Journeys Retreat

yoga retreat Peru sacred journeys retreat

Credit: Sacred Journeys Retreat

This holistic retreat organized by Sacred Journeys Retreat is one of the most popular yoga holidays you’ll find in Peru. The program of this retreat is designed to help you reconnect to your body, mind, and soul.

During this holiday, you’ll have the opportunity to practice yoga and meditation.

You’ll also hike the trails of the ancient Incas, including the Machu Picchu ruins. A professional Peruvian tour guide will share all the secrets of this astonishing place with you.

Another great benefit of this retreat is that it includes all breakfasts and two vegan lunches.

As for accommodation, you can choose to stay in a two-star or four-star hotel depending on your budget.

This experience is perfect for practitioners of all levels who want to deepen their yoga practice and discover one of the most sacred places in Peru.


4. 7-Day Learn to Surf and Yoga in Punta Farallon, Mancora Area – Surf Racer House Peru

Surf Racer House Peru

Credit: Surf Racer House Peru

Are you looking for a surf and yoga retreat in Peru? This transformative experience offers everything you could be looking for.

Located in Punta Farallon, this retreat offers three yoga classes during the week. You’ll also receive daily surf sessions taught by experienced instructors.

This retreat also includes plenty of free time to chill in the hammocks, read a book, or walk on the beach. 

You’ll be staying in a peaceful house located only a few meters away from the beach. The place features spacious living areas and a huge terrace. 

The package also includes three delicious and freshly made meals daily cooked by a professional chef. This retreat is definitely one of the best you’ll find in Peru this year. 


5. 5-Day Amazon Yoga Retreat in Tarapoto, San Martin – Tambo Ilusion

Credit: Tambo Ilusion

Next on our list of the best yoga retreats in Peru is this unique holiday offered by Tambo Ilusion. This experience is perfect for yogis who want to join an intimate retreat in the Amazon rainforest.

Highlights of this holiday include two daily yoga classes, mind-body nutrition talks, and a raw cooking class.

This retreat takes place in a stunning natural environment that is perfect for relaxing and reconnecting with what truly matters.

Suitable to all practitioners, this holiday is led by qualified yoga teachers who will guide you on your spiritual journey. 

Tambo Ilusion is not a resort, but rather a countryside home. You’ll get to stay in a rustic wooden bungalow that features a comfortable bed and a private bathroom.

If you choose this retreat, you will leave it feeling recharged, inspired, and satisfied. 


6. 7-Day Women’s Beginner Surf and Yoga Retreat in the Peruvian North Shore – Surf Sisters

Credit: Surf Sisters

If you’re looking for a women-only yoga retreat, this surf and yoga holiday organized by Surf Sisters has what you need.

Highlights of the program include three yoga classes, five surf lessons, and adventures with a beautiful group of people. This retreat offers beginner and intermediate surfing lessons.

The surf house is ideally located in Punta Farallon Beach, twenty minutes south of Mancora.

The place features a spacious living room, kitchen, and free wifi. It also boasts comfortable private and shared rooms.

You will be served exquisite Peruvian cuisine cooked by an in-house chef. All meals are included, as well as water and tea. 

This is the right experience for women who want to have fun, meet new friends, and discover a beautiful part of Peru.  


7. 4 Happy Days of Kitesurfing and Yoga in Máncora, Peru – Wild Kite Peru

wild kite peru

Credit: Wild Kite Peru

This wonderful kitesurfing and yoga holiday offers the chance to pamper your body, mind, and soul. It offers a rejuvenating yet thrilling experience.

The program of this retreat includes three yoga classes, three kitesurfing lessons, and plenty of free time to explore the surroundings.

You will be taught Hatha yoga by a professional teacher. 

Another great benefit of this retreat is that you will have all your afternoons free to discover Mancora, go to the beach, or reflect.

Mancora is a cute fisherman village that is perfect for getting to know the Peruvian culture better while enjoying a refreshing holiday.

You will be staying in a private room with an attached bathroom. The venue features a beautiful swimming pool, a bar, and wifi. 


8. 10-Day Master Plant Retreat and Inca Shamanism at Sacred Portals in the Andes – Entheogens Peru Soul Sanctuary

Credit: Entheogens Peru Soul Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a transcendental retreat in Peru, check out this retreat offered by Entheogens Peru Soul Sanctuary. It combines yoga, meditation, and spiritual rituals in the Andes.

On this retreat, you’ll have workshops about shamanism, mythology, the alchemy of plants, and more.

Your program also includes sound therapy, breathwork, and meditation sessions.

You will also have the opportunity to visit ancient temples and learn more about the Sacred Inca wisdom.

This authentic retreat is a highly spiritual experience that will help you open your mind and heart like never before.

This holiday also offers the opportunity to learn about different plant medicines and reconnect with mother earth.

This sanctuary is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas in the Andes and offers basic accommodation.

You can choose to stay in a tent or a private room, depending on your budget. 


9. 14-Day 200hr Integral Vinyasa, Yin & Karma YTT with Ayurvedic Self-Care Routines in the Amazon, Peru – Moksha Yoga Amazonica 

Credit: Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Those who are looking for a yoga teacher training in Peru should definitely consider this retreat. Here you will learn authentic practices of shatkarma, pranayama, and meditation. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced practitioner, you’ll definitely benefit from the teachings offered in this program.

You’ll get an in-depth understanding of yoga, asanas, and the business of yoga.  

This YTT also teaches you to become a confident teacher so that you can share your love of yoga with the world.

Upon completion of this retreat, you will be eligible to register as a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. 

Students reside at Kantu Garden Lodge in a quiet environment that is perfect for learning and deepening their yoga practice. 


10. 3-Day Rejuvenating Meditation and Yoga Holiday in Limatambo, Cusco – Andean Spirit Lodge

Credit: Andean Spirit Lodge

Last on our list of the best yoga retreats in Peru is this beginner-friendly yoga holiday offered by Andean Spirit Lodge. 

Highlights of this retreat include daily yoga classes, meditation sessions, and two nights of accommodation.

On this retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to pamper yourself and enjoy visits to the archaeological complexes of Killarumiyoq and Tarawasi. 

You will be staying in the midst of nature in the Limatambo Valley. The lodge offers cozy bungalows with private attached bathrooms.

All meals and drinks will be provided during the retreat. You will be served vegetarian, healthy, and organic cuisine. 

If you’re looking for a short getaway in the Peruvian mountains, this retreat is perfect for you. 


Bottom line

With its spectacular biodiversity and interesting culture, Peru is definitely one of the best countries to go on a yoga retreat.

Whether you want to enjoy a transcendental holiday or chill on a surf and yoga retreat, you’ll surely find the perfect experience for you in Peru. 

Peru is a fantastic destination for fearless practitioners who want to deepen their yoga practice and enjoy a cultural holiday.

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat in Peru? Let me know in the comments below!

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