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5 Best Yoga Retreats In Switzerland (2023)

5 Best Yoga Retreats In Switzerland (2023)

In this article: Discover the best yoga retreats in Switzerland in 2023!

Switzerland is a destination that’s straight out of a fairytale. The emerald-green lakes, majestic snowcapped peaks, and picturesque villages imbue this nation with charming beauty.

Going on a yoga retreat in Switzerland will give you the opportunity to explore unfamiliar places while rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul.

It’s also the ideal place for anyone willing to take a break from their busy lifestyle. In the stunning mountains of the Alps, your retreat journey will definitely be an incredible experience.

Read on to discover five of the best yoga retreats in Switzerland in 2023.

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Quick Overview

Below, you’ll find the 5 best yoga retreats offered in Switzerland this year:

Keep reading for more details about the programs, classes, and availability!

Why choose Switzerland for your next yoga retreat?

Can you think of a better place than Switzerland for your next yoga retreat? With its beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere, this country has everything you need to spend a wonderful time.

Here are the top-notch things you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Switzerland.

Breathtaking landscapes

Switzerland is filled with places that will make you fall in love with this country. First on the list is the majestic Matterhorn peak in the Swiss Alps.

You cannot miss this beautiful spot on your trip to Switzerland, especially if you’re looking for thrilling alpine adventures.

Another fantastic place to visit is the famous holiday spot Interlaken.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the famous Höhematte park. From here you can see the mighty peaks of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains.

Closer to the Swiss/French border, you’ll find the marvelous Lake Geneva which is Europe’s largest alpine lake.

While you’re there, you can take a stroll in the old town of Geneva, visit the famous Opera House and the Geneva water fountain. 

Quaint villages

Switzerland is home to some of the most picturesque villages in the world. In fact, few places have garnered attention from tourists as much as the Swiss countryside. 

The quaintest village in Switzerland is tucked in the Alps, surrounded by astounding peaks and valleys. Grindelwald is definitely a destination you should add to your bucket list.

This Instagram-worthy spot offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of Switzerland. 

Another great spot to consider is Wengen, a cute village located at the foothills of the Jungfrau mountain.  It’s a charming town with delicious food and access to wonderful natural wonders. 

If you want to wonder about the architecture of Switzerland, take a trip to Morcote.

It is home to the beautiful Church of Saint Antonio Abate, an old church definitely worth a visit. The town also boasts an Egyptian temple where you can marvel at GReek Sculptures.

Flavorsome cuisine

A trip to Switzerland without tasting their delicious food would be incomplete. Swiss cuisine combines influences from German, French, and North Italian cuisine.

One of the most epic dishes in the country is probably Cheese Fondue, which is melted cheese with bread cubes. Raclette is another must-try for cheese lovers.

It is often eaten with small potatoes cooked in their skin, deli meat, pickled gherkins, and vegetables. Raclette is often known as a Geneva traditional food choice. 

If you’d rather eat sweet food, Switzerland has got you covered. In fact, Swiss chocolate has an excellent reputation abroad, and for good reasons.

You may wonder what’s so special about Swiss chocolate. Well, it is one of the creamiest milk chocolate you can get.

Switzerland is also home to some of the most famous chocolate brands in the world such as Toblerone and Lindt. 

Amazing festivals

Do you want to get a glimpse of the customs and traditions of Switzerland? Then attending a festival is a great option.

Switzerland is packed with fun and exciting festivals all year round. How about attending the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, perfect for jazz lovers worldwide? The festival is celebrated every year in July.

You can also attend one of the most popular festivals in Switzerland, The Hot Air Balloon Festival. The famous festival is 9 days long.

You’ll get to witness colorful hot air balloons covering the sky, which will leave you enchanted and mesmerized. Definitely an experience to add to your bucket list on your next trip to Switzerland!

5 Best Yoga Retreats in Switzerland in 2023

Switzerland is definitely a wonderful destination in Europe for a yoga holiday. Here are some of the best yoga retreat programs offered this year.

1. 4 Days Private High-End, Luxury Urban and Nature Retreat with Yoga in Bern – Yogaschool Young

yoga school young yoga retreat Switzerland

Credit: Yogaschool Young

Align your heart and soul during one of the best yoga retreats offered in Switzerland this year. This 4-day yoga holiday takes place in a luxurious hotel overlooking the old town of Bern.

It is located close to the river Aare where you can swim in the crystal-clear water that flows from the top of the Bernese Alps. 

On this retreat, you will receive five professional yoga sessions.

These classes teach different yoga styles including Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Restorative yoga.

On top of that, the friendly instructor will guide you gradually on the different levels of practice. This program is perfect for anyone who wants to restore their energy through yoga and meditation practice. 

Your retreat also includes two hours of spa treatment to pamper yourself in your free time. As for food, the price comprises three breakfasts, two dinners, and unlimited tea, fruit, and coffee.

You’ll stay in a luxurious air-conditioned room where you’ll have all the comfort you need.

The property also features a gym, an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant, cafe, lobby, and more. If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland this year, don’t miss this wonderful retreat!


2. 3-Day Yoga, Nature, and Hiking Retreat in Vallemaggia, Ticino – Margaretha Van Den Broek

margareta von den broeak

Credit: Margaretha Van Den Broek

Looking for the right balance between activity and relaxation? Then, this is the yoga retreat for you.

On this holiday, you’ll follow Hatha yoga classes daily, which is perfect for anyone who wants to initiate their yoga journey. Your program also includes daily meditation and pranayama sessions.

The most unique feature of this program is that it includes several excursions to the Ticino mountains, one of them to the highest waterfall of Ticino near lakes like Ascona and Locarno.

You’ll get to stay in an eco-hotel where you can enjoy a smoke-free and healthy environment.

The rooms are simple yet comfy, and you can choose to stay in a double or triple room.

Other facilities of the hotel include a bar, a garden, a restaurant with unique menu requests, free wifi, a storage room, and more. 

As for food, you’ll be served delicious organic food made with fresh products. The price of this retreat includes breakfasts and dinners.

Dried fruits and herbal tea are also part of every day’s pre-breakfast schedule.


3. 4-Day Move Yoga and Meditation Retreat at the Mountain in Bernese Highlands – Sparkling Yoga

sparkling yoga retreats Switzerland

Credit: Sparkling Yoga

Outdoor Switzerland offers the perfect setting for an incredible yoga retreat experience. Practicing yoga in the Bernese Highlands will help you connect to nature while focusing on your mental health.

This yoga retreat is ideal for anyone who seeks a short break from their hectic life.

The program of this holiday includes two yoga classes in a room where you can enjoy the ethereal beauty of the surrounding mountains.

They’ll teach you various styles of yoga like Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, and Nidra yoga.

Additionally, you’ll get full access to the hotel spa. The cozy hotel you’ll be staying in provides comfortable rooms with private bathrooms.

Sparkling Yoga also provides delicious brunches and vegetarian dinners to the participants of their retreat. 


4. 3-Day Yoga and Meditation Weekend Holiday in the Mountains in Veysonnaz, Valais – Veysonnaz

Veysonnaz Switzerland retreat

Credit: Veysonnaz

This retreat is an ideal vacation idea for those who want to slow down and take a much deserved break.

On this retreat, you’ll get to relax while enjoying the great mountain air. Yoga sessions will take place indoor or outdoor depending on the weather. 

The yoga practice focuses on bringing out the detailed approach of Vinyasa yoga. Anyone can easily follow the instructor’s guidance as the yoga classes are suitable for any level.

The program of this retreat also includes an interesting workshop on plants and essential oils. You’ll also get to dance to the rhythm of Tibetan bowls to ease your mind from all worries and anxiety.

One of the best features of this yoga retreat is that it also includes a guided walk along the Bisse de Vex.

You’ll get to stay at the Chalet Haut de Cry in the Swiss Alps. It’s a premium facility offering stunning views of the Rhone Valley.

Here you can also enjoy the use of a hot tub and a garden for meditation. Also, the program offers three meals per day with drinks included.


5. 3-Day Yoga and Soul Connection Relaxing Retreat for Body and Mind in Leventina, Ticino – Babayoga

Credit: Babayoga

Last on our list of the best yoga retreats in Switzerland is this 3-day yoga retreat in Ticino.

This weekend retreat will take you on a beautiful spiritual journey in the middle of nature. You’ll learn to deeply connect with yourself, and get closer to your soul to obtain clarity.

Highlights of this retreat include two daily yoga classes, philosophy sessions, and beautiful hikes in the Alpine mountains.

The friendly instructor will be here to motivate and guide you through this wonderful journey.

Your program also includes 2-nights of accommodation in a peaceful and quiet environment and healthy meals daily.

If you’re going to Switzerland this spring, don’t miss the opportunity to join this life-changing retreat. 


Bottom line

With its stunning mountains and picturesque villages, Switzerland is definitely a fantastic destination for a yoga retreat.

This fantastic European country is home to an array of wellness centers where you can stretch out, reconnect with nature, and immerses yourself in spirituality for a few days.

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat in Switzerland? Let us know in the comments below! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Click here to discover more yoga retreats in Switzerland!

Looking for another destination? Check out retreats in France, Spain or Greece!

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