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10 Best Yoga Teacher Training In Europe (2024)

yoga teacher training europe

In this article: Discover the best yoga teacher training in Europe in 2024!

Do you want to be a certified and well-versed yoga teacher? A little investment in a yoga teacher training retreat in Europe can surely help you become one of the most amazing yoga instructors.

In this post, we’ve listed some of the best programs in the European region, predominantly in the UK, Greece, Portugal, and Spain.

The prices, of course, depend on the training design and duration, but regardless all these programs are truly promising.

Read on to discover the best yoga teacher training in Europe in 2024 and find the one best suited to your needs.

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Quick Overview

Below, you’ll find the 10 best yoga teacher training retreats offered in Europe this year:

Keep reading for more details about the programs, classes, and more!

10 Best Yoga Teacher Training In Europe (2024)

There are many good reasons to visit Europe and learning how to become a great yoga teacher on a retreat there is definitely one of them. Let’s have a deeper look at the best yoga teacher training in Europe in 2024.

1. 25-Day 200-Hour Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga Philosophy Yoga Teacher Training in Amorgos – Aegialis Hotel And Spa

aegialis yoga school

Credit: Aegialis Yoga School

If you’re curious to learn about spirituality and the yogic lifestyle, this training organized by Aegialis School of Yoga is your go-to place.

Held on Amorgos Island, one of the most popular retreat destinations among yogis, this yoga teacher training offers high-end yoga facilities.

This retreat is a 200-hour yoga teacher training program spanning over 23 days of instruction. It includes daily meditation sessions and the theory and practice of asana.

It also includes accommodation, food at an award-winning restaurant, and a full-body massage that will help you unwind and relax. 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to register as a certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

The cherry on top, you can also explore the island’s scenic beauty by visiting the Agia Anna Beach, and you’ll find significant historical landmarks along the coast. Doesn’t it sound like a 2-in-1 experience?


2. 23-Day 200-Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Cyprus – Om & Yoga Flow

Om & yoga flow

Credit: Om & Yoga Flow

Proposed by Om & Yoga Flow, this 200-hour yoga teacher training is one of the best programs offered this year in Europe.

This training course is designed to encourage you to delve into the essence of yoga with your body, mind, and soul.

You will be trained by qualified yoga experts that will help you become a professional yoga instructor.

This incredible training also includes a bonus reiki level 1 certification course in addition to daily classes in yoga practice and theory.

Additional benefits include accommodation and vegan or vegetarian meals with fruits for all-day snacking.

You can join this program at any point in your yoga journey if you want to get training in Vinyasa, Nidra, and Hatha styles. 

The natural landscape of Cyprus and the serenity that comes with it will help you connect more deeply with yourself by helping you relax and forget about the rest of the world.


3. 22-Day 200-Hour Yoga Conscious Yoga Teacher Training on Karpathos, Dodecanese Islands – Conscious Yoga Academy

conscious yoga academy

Credit: Conscious Yoga Academy

Do you want to enhance your body’s energy, cleanse and purify it through various yoga practices? Then, this yoga teacher training organized by Conscious Yoga Academy is for you.

In addition to daily yoga classes and meditation sessions, this training also includes accommodation, airport transfers, meals, and three excursions throughout the course of the program.

It caters to both beginners and more advanced practitioners. The main focus of this yoga training is for you to learn what yoga is really about.

The course also includes manuals and books you can refer to even after the program.

Upon completion of this course, you can officially become a member of Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher.


4. 21-Day 200 RYT Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Athens – Yoga Skyros Academy

yoga skyros academy

Credit: Yoga Skyros Academy

This next yoga teacher training program is offered by Yoga Skyros Academy, a school registered with the Yoga Professional UK and Yoga Alliance USA.

If you want to join the fastest-growing group of yoga teachers in the world, this is the retreat for you.

The academy also promises to reward you with an exciting career after training by teaching you various aspects of yoga.

This world-class yoga teacher training program requires an assessment before enrolling.

If you fail to meet their criteria, sadly you won’t be able to be a part of this program. Yep, it’s one of the most competitive training out there. 

The program spans over 200 hours of training and is mainly focused on Hatha yoga. It includes asana practice, philosophy classes, and lessons on the history of yoga among other things.

Accommodation in a shared room and daily breakfast are also part of the package. 


5. 21-Day 200-Hour YTTC and Dao Yin Workshop in Lagoa de Albufeira, Lisbon – Sundari Integral Yoga School

sundari yoga school teacher training Europe

Credit: Sundari Integral Yoga School

If you want to do your yoga teacher training in Portugal, this is the one for you. This course takes place near a beautiful lagoon extending to a surreal beach in Sesimbra, just 40km away from Lisbon.

The beautiful and natural landscape is ideal for meditating and deepening your knowledge of yoga during this course.

Graduating from this yoga teacher training will enable you to register with the most trusted and recognized yoga teaching organization in the world, Yoga Alliance.

The program also offers theoretical and practical teaching methodologies, 20 nights of accommodation, and three meals daily. You will also get the chance to participate in a Dao Yin Workshop. 

This training is suitable for practitioners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. It’s definitely an ideal retreat, that should not be missed.


6. 33-Day 300H Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Individual Scheduling in Vienna – Matsya Yoga Academy

matsya yoga teacher training europe

Credit: Matsya Yoga Academy

This yoga teacher training is organized by Matsya Yoga Academy and guarantees you the highest quality standards. Like most retreats on this list, it’s also registered with Yoga Alliance. 

The program allows individual scheduling according to your own needs and lets you discover the liberating aspects of Hatha and Kundalini yoga.

During this training, you’ll be able to reconnect with the ancient hidden roots of yoga. Moreover, it focuses on the ancient tantras, particularly their mysticism, spirituality, and magical nature. 

The program consists of 6 modules that stretch over a period of six weeks. Registrations are open all year round with the option of doing a complete or only part of the modules. 

This 300-hour training includes seven crucial traditional yoga texts, meditation and pranayama sessions, and accommodation in a shared dorm.

Finally, you’ll have some free time to explore the scenic beauty of Austria, the beautiful lakes and valleys, along with the rich historical sites of Vienna.


7. 18-Day 200-Hour Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course in Monchique – La Casa Shambala

Casa Shambala

Credit: La Casa Shambala

Next on our list of the best yoga teacher training in Europe is this 18-day course organized by Casa Shambala. This yoga teacher training brings you deeper into your journey of self-discovery.

It teaches you everything you need to know about yoga, including philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodology. 

Through this training, you will learn how to integrate the empathetic and spiritual practices of Hatha yoga into your life.

It’s also an interesting course for those who want to experience of deep growth and self-discovery amongst like-minded people.

The training also promises that you will receive lots of personal attention from dedicated, passionate, and experienced instructors.

Another great benefit of this training is that it offers accommodation and three delicious vegetarian meals per day, except on some days.

If you would like to participate in a program that reflects the practices of Yoga Alliance in Portugal, this could be the best choice for you. 


8. 15-Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Framingham, UK – TK Yoga Retreat

tk yoga retreat

Credit: TK Yoga Retreat

TK Yoga Retreat brings you one of the finest yoga teacher training in the UK to help you become a qualified and certified yoga teacher.

This course takes place in Framlingham, a small and quiet village steeped in history and beauty. 

This training is held in small groups of a maximum of 8 participants, which is great for those who want to get a more personal training.

Throughout the experience, you will receive feedback and encouragement so that you can successfully complete your course. 

This training only lasts two weeks, so it is quite intense. It is best suited to yogis who already have a few years of practice under their belt.

The program also includes 14 nights of accommodation and three vegetarian meals daily.

In your free time, you can also explore the various natural landscapes the United Kingdom has to offer, along with the rich historical landmarks that exist in the country. 


9. 14-Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Piedmont, Province of Alessandria – Hari-Om Yoga School

Hari Om yoga school europe training

Credit: Hari-Om Yoga School

If you want to meet new friends and join a growing community of like-minded people in Italy, Hari-Om Yoga School has just what you need. In addition to that, it promises real immersion into the world of yoga. 

This yoga teacher training is built around 4 hours of lectures each day and 4 hours of yoga practice. The lectures delivered will be based on asana, pranayama, and anatomy.

On top of all these fantastic resources, the program will also award you a certificate to register with the renowned Yoga Alliance. 

The program also includes 13 nights of accommodation in a tent or bungalow and daily vegetarian meals.

The skill level of this program ranges from beginner to advanced, so anyone looking to become a certified yoga teacher can participate.

The yoga styles taught in this program are Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Karma, and Nidra yoga. The price and the location are perfect for someone on a budget looking to explore Italy a little.  


10. 22-Day 200-Hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training in a Medieval Château, Occitania – Awake Space

awake space yoga teach training europe

Credit: Awake Space

Last on our list is his 22-day training held by Awake Space. Available all year round, this yoga teacher training in France promises to shed light on various dimensions of yoga.

It will enable you to lead a successful yoga class within a few weeks.

The program also offers foundational training following the core curriculum set by Yoga Alliance.

The training is built around daily yoga classes coupled with workshops and courses.

After completion of this retreat, you will receive a certificate to register with Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher. Accommodation in a studio apartment is also included in the package. 

The training is conducted in English so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. 

This is one great option for people looking to upgrade their yoga skills while enjoying a stunning castle in France.


Bottom line

Europe has seen a sprawling growth of yoga teacher training retreats in the last few years. The programs are designed to give you the necessary skills to effectively teach your own group of students. 

These retreats will not only enhance your skills as a yoga teacher but also provide you with an opportunity to explore Europe and connect with nature. After all, we all love to sit back, relax and just be in the moment.

Have you ever been on a yoga teacher training in Europe? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

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