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12 Best Yoga Teacher Training in India (2024)

yoga teacher training india

In this article: Discover the best yoga teacher training in India in 2024!

With its long history, diverse geography, and vibrant culture, it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with India. 

While choosing the best yoga teacher training is never easy, India is definitely a safe bet for your ideal yoga vacation. 

But in a country with tons of affordable training programs, how do you choose the one that perfectly fits your needs?

Well, read on to find out and discover the best yoga teacher training retreats offered in India this year.

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Quick Overview

Below, you’ll find the 12 best yoga teacher training retreats offered in India this year:

Keep reading for more details about the programs, classes, and more!

12 Best Yoga Teacher Training In India (2024)

If you want to become a great yoga teacher, India is definitely the destination you should choose for your training. Let’s have a deeper look at the best yoga teacher training in India in 2024.

1. 28-Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha in Rishikesh – Pyramid Yogshala 

Pyramid Yogshala 

Credit: Pyramid Yogshala

This first transformative training is one of the most popular experiences available in India this year. 

Pyramid Yogshala’s program includes yogic cleansing practices, pranayama, mantra chanting, and weekly excursions. 

This training retreat also provides an excellent chance to uplift your spirits and connect with like-minded people. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance. 

As for accommodation, you will be staying at the Pyramid Yogshala Guest House in the heart of Rishikesh. 

You can choose to stay in a single, double or triple room. Some rooms even have a balcony with a garden view. Fresh vegetarian meals are also included in the package of this course. 

If you want to live a yogic life and experience authentic Indian culture, this 200-hour program is your go-to YTT.


1. 29-Day 200-Hour Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand – World Peace Yoga School

world peace yoga school

Credit: World Peace Yoga School

Do you want to transform your mind, body, and soul like never before? With this training offered by World Peace Yoga, it will be possible.

Held along the Ganges River, this wonderful yoga teacher training is perfect for those who want to experience blissful moments on a sacred land.

Highlights of this program include daily yoga classes, meditation, yoga philosophy, mantra chanting, and twenty-eight nights of accommodation.

If you’re unsure which yoga style you want to teach, don’t worry because this 200-hour training teaches different asana styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, and Yin yoga.

It is the perfect experience for both beginners and intermediate practitioners.

During your training, you can choose to stay in a shared or private room, depending on your budget.

The retreat center also has a yoga hall, dining area, and breathtaking mountain views. It is close to local shops and cafes.

This affordable yoga teacher training is definitely one of the top choices this year!


3. 25-Day 200-Hour Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar & Sound Healing Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – Vinyasa Yoga Shala

Vinyasa Yoga Shala teacher training India

Credit: Vinyasa Yoga Shala

Aimed at transforming your perception of life, this in-depth yoga training by Vinyasa Yoga Shala offers everything you need to become a competent yoga teacher. 

This training retreat is the perfect place to practice yoga and achieve self-realization.

During this program, you will learn everything you need to know about yoga, including yoga philosophy, meditation, anatomy, adjustment, alignment, and a lot more. 

Yoga books and study materials will be provided as well. 

You will be staying in a comfortable room with all the essential amenities. You will also be served a delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the retreat.  

Upon completing the course, you’ll be eligible to officially register with Yoga Alliance to become a certified teacher. 


4. 2 Months 500-Hour Affordable Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – Drishti Yoga School 

Drishti Yoga School

Credit: Drishti Yoga School

Are you an advanced practitioner looking to experience a master-level yoga experience? Then, this yoga teacher training program could be the perfect choice for you.

This two-month training combines the 200 and 300 hours yoga teacher training courses. 

It promises to help you walk a path of elevated consciousness and transform you into the person you’ve always known you could be! 

This in-depth course includes yoga practice, philosophy, books and manuals, and weekend excursions.

One of the best things about this training is that the yoga school is located in the mountains of Rishikesh.

It also has a yoga studio, dining area, several chill-out zones, and a beautiful rooftop. 

You’ll have easy access to the local shops, restaurants, ATMs, and organic stores.

Your package also includes two months of accommodation and three yogic meals daily for the whole duration of your stay. 

If you want to deepen your understanding of healing, spirituality, and yoga, you should definitely check out this course. 


5. 26-Day 200-Hour Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Ayurveda in Rishikesh – Arohan Yoga 

Arohan Yoga  training India

Credit: Arohan Yoga

Next on our list of best yoga teacher training in India is this 26-day course organized by Arohan Yoga. 

This program will teach you authentic yogic knowledge, just like the old sages of India envisioned it. 

Without compromising on the teaching quality, this training calls out to all those seeking a low-budget program. 

The school offers a 200-hour yoga teacher training course that covers asanas, pranayama, mudra, cleansing, and meditation techniques. 

No matter your skill level, you will enjoy practicing yoga with experienced teachers.

Through this training, you will get a comprehensive knowledge of yoga, both theoretical and practical. 

It’s also the ideal course for those who wish to dive deeper into Ayurveda and pranayama. 

Another great benefit of this training is that it offers 25-day accommodation in a beautiful ashram. 

If you’re looking for a fantastic YTT with a family-like environment, this could be it! 


6. 60-Day 500 Hour Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin YTTC with Trauma & Emotional Healing Session – Vinyasa Yoga Shala 

Vinyasa Yoga Shala 

Credit: Vinyasa Yoga Shala

Offered by Vinyasa Yoga Shala, this 500-hour yoga teacher training is perfect for those who want to become really experienced yoga instructors. 

During this course, you will learn yoga anatomy, alignment, traditions, mindfulness, and contemplation practices. 

It also includes trauma and emotional centering sessions that are designed to teach you how to help others through their healing journey.

On top of that, you will enjoy a free astrology consultation, a sound healing and reiki session.

During your stay, you will be given a well-equipped room with free Wi-Fi, and hot and cold water. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that the price of this incredible training also includes three daily meals as well as snacks and drinks.


7. 22-Day 200-Hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa – Bhakti Yogshala 

Bhakti Yogshala 

Credit: Bhakti Yogshala

Located in Goa, Bhakti Yogshala offers an incredible chance to learn and practice yoga in a relaxing environment.

This course is perfect for those who want to experience multi-style yoga classes. 

Here you’ll learn yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, yogic anatomy, and teaching methodology.

One of the best things about this training is that students who complete it are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance. 

As for accommodation, you will be staying in a simple but clean shared or private room. 

If you want to challenge your body, mind, and soul, Bhakti Yogshala is definitely worth checking out!


8. 28-Day 200-Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha in Rishikesh – Mimamsa Yogshala 

Mimamsa Yogshala

Credit: Mimamsa Yogshala

This 200-hour training by Mimamsa Yoga is ideal for aspiring yoga teachers who want to learn and practice traditional yoga. 

Highlights of this program include two yoga classes daily, meditation sessions, healthy satvic meals, and 27 nights of accommodation. 

You’ll also learn pranayama, bandha, kriya, yoga anatomy, and philosophy.

This YTT is held in small groups of up to 12 people, so it’s perfect for those who enjoy intimate classes where the teachers can give you personalized attention.

Like all the training retreats on this list, this one gives you the opportunity to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion.

During the training, you’ll be staying in a private or shared room away from the hustle ad bustle of the city. 

Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also included in the price of your package.


9. 15-Day 100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training in Agonda Beach, Goa – Sarvaguna Yoga 

Sarvaguna Yoga 

Credit: Sarvaguna Yoga

Do you want to deepen your meditation practice? Then, this 100-hour retreat might be just what you’re looking for.

It will teach you various meditation techniques, mantras, anatomy, and physiology. You will also be taught gentle restorative yoga twice a day to prepare for meditation.

One of the best things about this YTT is that you’ll receive dedicated and individualized supervision in every session.

After completing the course successfully, you will be a certified meditation teacher. You’ll be able to help others propel their spiritual practice and discover inner peace. 

You will be staying in a private single room with a hot shower and Wi-Fi. 

Another plus? freshly made vegetarian meals will be served throughout the retreat, except on Sundays.


10. 60-Day 500-Hour Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh – Rishikesh Yogkulam

Rishikesh Yogkulam

Credit: Rishikesh Yogkulam

Rishikesh Yogkulam offers a fantastic 500-hour training course for all yogis who aspire to take their yoga practice to a whole new level.

During this training, you will gain knowledge of yogic life, pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting, spiritual life, and much more. 

Your program also includes a session on emotional release, chakra healing classes, and a sound healing session.

You will be taught by professional enthusiastic yoga teachers who have studied yoga since their childhood.

This training also includes 59 nights of accommodation in beautiful Tapovan. The retreat center features a yoga studio, dining area, and rooftop terrace. 

Daily freshly made vegetarian meals are also included in the price.


11. 29-Day 300-Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – Kundalini Yoga Ashram India

Kundalini Yoga Ashram India

Credit: Kundalini Yoga Ashram India

Throughout this 300-hour Kundalini yoga teacher training, you’ll receive comprehensive instruction in everything linked to Kundalini, no matter which skill level you’re at.

Your program includes theory classes, practical sessions, and even a chakra Ayurveda massage. 

During this program, you’ll be trained to emphasize certain pressure points in the body while doing asana and also enjoy a reiki healing session. 

You will be staying in a beautiful ashram situated on acres of pristine land, surrounded by nature. You can choose to stay in a shared or private room, depending on your preference. 

As for food, you will be served Indian and yogic food. On Sundays, only breakfast will be served. This will give you the opportunity to try the local cafes and restaurants. 

Anyone who wants to get in-depth knowledge of Kundalini yoga needs to join this fabulous training! 


12. 25-Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Body and Emotion Detoxification Program in Rishikesh – Triguna Yoga

Credit: Triguna Yoga

Last on our list of the best yoga teacher training in India is this incredible 200-hour training organized by Triguna Yoga.

This intensive program offers a broad curriculum and will deepen your classical Hatha yoga practice in less than a month.

On this retreat, you’ll get to learn naturopathic and yogic body purification techniques but also various meditation styles.

Upon completing this program, you will be eligible to register as a certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Triguna Yoga offers accommodation in a wide range of categories. To make your stay even more comfortable, all rooms are neat and overlook a peaceful environment. 

Finally, you’ll be served breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and snacks every day.


Bottom line

India has some of the most incredible, world-famous yoga teacher training programs in the world. No matter what you’re looking for, there’ll surely be something for you in the land of yoga. 

Have you ever been to a yoga teacher training in India? Let me know in the comments below!

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